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This corner is an avenue where ONE ITs can share their stories of love, inspiration, laughter, friendship, and life changing moments with X1 to inspire fellow ONE ITs.

Tell us your stories on how you grew to love each member. Share how X1 helped you get through life or brought you joy. Even how your fellow ONE IT became part of your lives! Let the world know how these 11 boys have changed your life.

We are interested in your stories. Your journey as a One It is worth telling.

We would love to hear from you, our ONE ITs.

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dey dey from bali wrote on December 17, 2019 at 8:58 am
hello, i’d like to said thanks to X1 for being my lights, they helped me through all of my bad days. i’m so thankful and grateful being a part of oneit(s). i hope we will always together walk on flowery paths sharing happiness, no more sad tears. i love you, fams.
Winter Winter from Antique philippines wrote on December 17, 2019 at 8:42 am
X1 actually did change my life. I always get excited to see their vids on yt. Before i don't really like to study and now i always listen to their song Flash when i'm studying. So still waiting for X1 Comeback. Fighting ONEIT'S😘
ikee ikee from PH wrote on December 17, 2019 at 8:32 am
X1 is a rookie group, I only started stanning them last month? Wow, time flies so fast. I know that now, we’re sad and lonely. We can’t help to be worried about X1. We miss them a lot. I just want to say thank you to every one its who’s holding on until now, who trust X1, who love each and every members of X1. I believe that this fandom get stronger and so does X1. Someday we will look back to this and will just say that “wow, we really get through that”. I want to say that stars can’t shine without darkness, people can’t get successful without experiencing hardship. There’s ups and downs. Like how our Leader said before, “Life is full of surprises and hardships. And with the down hills, there comes the up hills.” We should just get stronger by the time. Our smiles will get back, our source of happiness will get back because I know they miss the stage and one its!
Cecillia Cecillia from Tangerang Selatan wrote on December 17, 2019 at 7:49 am
I 've been a kpopers since 12 years ago until now.
I still remember the first boyband group that I stand for until now (gratefully they still exist and just celebrated 12th years of debut, I really proud of them). I can told you that I never falling in love to other kpop group as much as I love them. Could you imagine how loyal I'm hehehe..
Until several months ago, I just watch an advertisement about PDX while went back home from work. Then I try to watch it just for killing my night, because at that time I don't have any interest and never followed the previous produce series too. Until I saw Kim Yohan's audition. He made me change my mind for sure. First time I see his performance, I can told you that I will also gave him an "A" as well as Lee Dongwook did. Everybody knew that Yohan only being trainee for 3 months, but he could show how much he will do to achieve his dream. So, started from there, I continue to watch every single episode of pdx and realized so many talented boys there. I started to know the others one by one. Until the final day, I felt proud that all of my picked can reach the final round (I always interested in music and learn it, so I wasn't choose them based on their appearance only). So, I though at that time, whoever was chosen to be debut, they will be an extraordinary and strongest group ever!! And sure I will stand for them, whoever chosen. I already love them even before the final line up announced coz I know X1 will have a complete package and really worthed to stand for!! So, here I'm as OneIt that will always support X1 =)
Hyeji Hyeji from Korea wrote on December 17, 2019 at 7:35 am
At first I wasn't interested in watching more survival shows because I didn't want to cry but a friend of mine who loved X1 insist that I watch pretty girl. That's when I started watching Produce X 101 because why not. It was just for fun but I ended up crying, laughing and falling in love with these boys. I started watching when the final episode aired, so I knew who debuted. Thankfully ,my bias at the time did debut (Kang Minhee). I checked the debut line every time I watched an episode so that I can focus on them instead of supporting the others who didn't make it. Of course there others that I can't help but support like Lee Hyeop, Tony, Song Yuvin, Geum Donghyun. After X1 officially debuted, it was hard for me to concentrate on them because at that time it was exam season in my school. However, I did manage to love them, memorise their song lyrics... Why? Because X1 is my light when I'm in the dark. Their songs were the only thing that kept me from ruining myself. The members are unique, they have their own styles. I love each and every one of them more than me... So to X1 : whatever happens, I will support you guys forever. You guys are not alone. We are here for you. 그냥 자요 내일 잘하면돼요💜
Kim Mesina Kim Mesina from Nueva Ecija, Philippines wrote on December 17, 2019 at 7:05 am
When X1 faced a lot of controversies, we oneits were really sad about it but instead of leaving the boys, our faith and support to them became so strong. Even though, we came from different countries, we keep as one by supporting X1. So inspirations and blessing since X1 came. We, oneits are always their wings whenever and whatever struggles might come. We will be their wings when X1 could not fly. WE WILL SUPPORT them until the end. ONEITS are the strongest fandom I've ever encountered. Fly High X1, see you soon! Saranghae! 💙💙💙
Aira Aira from ph-usa wrote on December 17, 2019 at 7:03 am
i really didn't plan to watch this season of produce but yohan and his heelys happened so I ended up watching the show until the end. Anyway, let's move forward to the part wherein seungwoo, seungyoun, yohan, wooseok, hangyul, junho, dongpyo, minhee, eunsang, hyeongjun and dohyon found it's way to each other and finally achieved the dream they're fighting for ever since the start.
X1 is one of the best things that happened to me this year, I really thank God for giving me eleven precious boys who brings so much happiness and positivity in my life. Learning to love the different members of x1 is very easy because those boys are so loveable, kind, nice, talented, hardworking, passionate and well-mannered. Though I haven't met these boys yet but after hearing the stories from the people who met them already, it made my heart melt and here i thought I couldn't love them even more.
Well sure, each of them may have their own flaw/s but I'm still willing to accept them because everyone is not perfect, right? That's why I really promise to continuously show my love and support for these eleven boys because they're worth the wait.
Seraa Seraa from Kuala Lumpur wrote on December 17, 2019 at 6:39 am
I'm an EXOL actually but I knew the existence of UNIQ. So, I called myself a unicorn too. I knew what UNIQ has been through and last year, Wenhan participated QCYN. Thank God he's doing well and debut again with UNINE. I'm so happy that Wenhan able to perform on stage again. Then, Seungyoun participated in PDX. I believed in his talent but in the early episode, I'm nervous as hell for his ranking. But, our talented Seungyoun is really born to be on a stage. I'm so happy he debuted again with X1. To be honest, during PDX, I only care for Seungyoun. But guess what, after that, I started to warm up to all members. Each of them has their own color. And I really love all of them. I think my timeline now, full of Wooseok instead of Seungyoun. Let's fly high X1.
Andee Andee from Manila wrote on December 17, 2019 at 6:27 am
I've never been so inspired by a kpop boy group before. I love the diversity, the passion, the talents, the creativity, the personality and basically everything of and about the boys. I only want the best for them. They all had gone through so much, wonderful inspiring stories, and most of them are still young, still with so much to show us. They gave a lot to become idols, they deserve success. I will keep supporting them all, even when they part ways.
Daphne Daphne from Melbourne, Australia wrote on December 17, 2019 at 6:05 am
I was really bored one time so I just randomly decided “hey why don’t I watch the current season of produce 101” so I started watching it just a few days before episode 11 was released. I literally stayed up until 1:30am just to watch the finale because I had ended up becoming extremely interested in the show. I was extremely happy with the line up of the group and couldn’t wait until they debuted. While I was waiting for them to debut I got my friend into them and so we went crazy over all the video teasers and stuff together. If I had never decided to watch produce x 101 that day I probably wouldn’t have ended up stanning X1 and also getting my friend to stan them too. X1 are now my ult group and I truly hope that they can fly high into 2020 ❤️
Humaira Mahadi Humaira Mahadi from Malaysia wrote on December 17, 2019 at 6:05 am
엑스원 안녕 (◍•ᴗ•◍) !! I'm writing this from Malaysia, i just want to let you know i really love you guys, all of you. I can't show you my loves for you by words but i hope what I'm writing now can encourage you to not giving up. I know everything happened are hard and and this things hurts you guys. I'm so sorry that this things happened, it's hurting me too. I want to protect all of you, i want to protect your dream of becoming an idol, i want to protect you from bad comments and all, i just want you to be happy always. It's hard from the beginning right? I saw you guys work hard practicing everyday, i saw you cried because everything's isn't going well, but here you guys are right now. You have made your debut. You guys work with all your passions. Thank you so much for that every One It's really appreciate it. Don't worry, everything will be okay as long as we are together. We are in this together right? We will fight all of this with you, we will stay by your side and not going anywhere. I promise you i will stay by your side forever, X1. I hope you know that there's so many people out there that loving you and are waiting for you. I love you so much, REALLY. We know you won't leave us hanging like this. We really love your music, everyone might go crazy once you return and comeback. We will give you millions sales after this, perfect all-kill on charts and more. We won't stop loving you because you guys deserve so much loves in the world. You guys deserve the world but the world doesn't deserve you guys. You are more than everything for me, boys. You are already the monster rookies this year. It's okay if we're not getting the roty awards because we're going to get more than a roty next year. I can't wait for your return. You guys will make it big boys. You will be the biggest K-pop boy group in the world and i can see that. Please make more music for us ~~ 사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 🙆🏻‍♀️💕
Madel Ompad Madel Ompad from Palawan wrote on December 17, 2019 at 5:58 am
Before stanning this magnificent 11 boys of X1, it was hard for me to even stan other group aside from the group that I love since 2014, they have set the standard for me to somewhat not stanning just any other kgroup however when I had the chance to get to know them since Produce x 101 era I have fallen deeply inlove with them and I'm not going back anymore! I'm a Produce 101 trainees fan especially a ONE IT who is willing to wait and be with X1 through thick and thin. I have only attended one event for the 100 days celebration but my scheds for next year event is already up and I can't wait to meet my fellow one it to commemorate our love for X1! As I always say we One It will always be the wind beneath the wings of X1! 🦋
Hannia Hannia from Mexico City wrote on December 17, 2019 at 5:54 am
I'm a mexican one-it. I've been a Kpop fan for so long time but i've never felt so engaged with a fandom since i became a one-it. In Latin America there are many ways to support K-pop groups, such as voting, streaming, buying albums either by request or directly from official distributors.
However, being One-it on this side is very difficult. Even when there are forums Where you can share with people from your own fandom but we all know there are toxic people and the situation has divided us a lot. Many of us don't know Korean. So most are guided by what they say supposedly popular spanish translation sites and get carried away by what they say without investigating a little more. That is the reason why there are fewer people who have been supporting X1 unlike their debut, I say x1 achieved No.2 and 3 on iTunes in 5 Latin American countries. Personally I have been going through personal problems in my student, professional and family life and the situation made my heart knot. However, seeing the Korean fandom and thousands of fans around the world get up and fight for our kids inspired me to get up and help inform my fandom correctly. Talking with k-fans, perfecting my Korean and my English skills trying to translate important and positive posts and articles to make them see that X1 needs us and we must support them more than ever. I will not lie, it is difficult. Even now I am so afraid of bad news that I cannot sleep peacefully since the articles come out at dawn, but i think many on this side have been trying the same as me and have supported me so every day I try to do my best not only as One-it but as a person
I try to inform you of ways in which we can support X1 from our countries even in this difficult and painful situation. I really hope that One-its from all over the world will come together as one and work together to make our kids happy.
Ck Ck from Philippines wrote on December 17, 2019 at 5:49 am
Hi X1, miss na namen kayoo! Ilang araw, minuto, segundo ang lumilipas di paren kayo nagpaparamdam sa kahit anong SNS na meron kayo!!! Pero naiintindihan naman namen kung baket di pa kayo nagpaparamdam, aantayin namen kayo kahit gaano katagal. Kaming mga filipino one its ay palaging nandito sa sa tabi, harap, at likod niyo. Tapusin naten ang contrata ng masasayang alaala. X1 LABAN! X1 LIPAD NG MATAAS!
Aurelia Aurelia from Indonesia wrote on December 17, 2019 at 5:48 am
Hello, my name is Aurel, a 17 year old girl. I think this is the right place to share stories of how I could love X1 so much. I went to school far from my hometown, my parents, and my closest friends. I do it for the sake of pursuing my goals. My second year of school. I feel depressed, lonely, even though I have enough friends here. I have never had an idol before, nor do I like any boy groups or girl groups. One day, I was watching tvN channel and I was watching pdx101. So I watched it. From there I learned about wannaone and other groups. When X1 was formed, I tried to know each member well. And in the end I have no bias, I love them all too much. Every time I have a problem, I will open my cellphone and search for them on Twitter, fancafe, or Instagram. I don't know what will happen to me if at that time I didn't watch Pdx, maybe right now I'm sitting with psychology and taking anti-depressant medication. X1 is my savior, they managed to save a 17-year-old girl to get out of her depression. I'm very grateful to be oneit, X1 will be the first and last boy group in my life. I really love them ... Please don't take my only source of happiness 😌🙏🏻💞
Zarin Zarin from Dhaka wrote on December 17, 2019 at 5:44 am
It's honestly amazes myself how much I've come to love x1. I wasn’t even that interested & watched the first episode of pdx101 to watch something while i have dinner. But soon enough i was hooked like never before. I watched all 4 seasons & liked all the groups but never quite like this. I've been listening to kpop since 2010. But a months ago i really lessened my interest in it. Not that i stopped listening i just didn’t care for it. But somehow with what started as a bunch of my faves ending up in a group to now I wholeheartedly love 11 beautiful boys & wait for the tiniest update possible. I pray I'll see them soon.
Tania Tania from Surabaya wrote on December 17, 2019 at 5:34 am
Surat ini sengaja kutulis dengan bahasa indonesia, karena X1 memberiku pengaruh besar. Tak hanya dalam dunia fangirling, tapi juga dalam dunia pribadiku. Aku ingin mengekspresikan betapa berartinya mereka dalam kehidupanku menembus keterbatasan jarak, waktu, maupun batasan bahasa. Karena 2019 adalah tahun terberat dalam hidupku. Tak sedikit kali aku nyaris mengakhiri hidup, sebelum aku bertemu kembali dengan Seungyoun. Aku dulu kenal dirimu sebagai anak UNIQ. Lalu kuikuti jejakmu sebagai Luizy hingga WOODZ. Saat melihat perjuanganmu aku sadar bahwa deritaku tak sebanding denganmu. Deritaku pasti akan berbuah indah macam dirimu kini. Dan tak hanya Seungyoun, ke 99 trainee lainnya pun begitu menginspirasiku untuk tetap berjuang. Dan begitupun X1. Mereka membantuku untuk bertahan. Oleh karena itu, kini giliranku. Kini aku ingin membantu mereka untuk tetap bertahan. Aku yakin kita bisa lewati cobaan ini bersama. Semangat X1!
Maite Maite from Concepción, Chile wrote on December 17, 2019 at 5:15 am
Bueno X1 para mi es muy importantex ya que ellos llegaron en un momento donde yo no estaba bien y me di la oportunidad de ver produce y al ver al ranking final no pude estar más feliz, era el ranking PERFECTO, ahí decidí que queria estar para ellos en todo, contaba los días para su debut, me alegraba mucho cuando veia las fotos de preparación del debut, la canción fue perfecta, el amor que ellos nos tienen a cada uno de nosotros es inexplicable así que yo hare lo que pueda para que ellos esten felices, X1 esta one it NUNCA los dejará solos, batallaré para que ustedes esten felices, X1 FILL FLY HIGHER 💓
Chen Chen from Manila, Philippines wrote on December 17, 2019 at 5:00 am
I've been a K-pop fan since 2007. I've been really supportive to a lot of groups and watched some survival shows from one of the Big 3. PDX101 is the first survival show I watched from outside that agency. I expected that I'd get attached to the trainees, but I didn't know I'd invest so much in PDX101. I watched it because Nam Taehyun's brother was there. Then, I realized that UNIQ's Seungyoun was there, too. He was not my bias in UNIQ, but I love him. Yohan got my attention right on the very first day, too. I fell in love with so many of them. I was so glad that a lot of my favorites debuted as X1 though I got really sad for Jinhyuk (I love you so much!!) But I learned to love all the 11 boys and I really wish everyone would love and accept them, too. In 12 years as a Kpop fan, X1 was the only group who made me buy an album, a lot of merch, an official lightstick in the future, and attend my first Kpop concert. I'm sure the last two will happen soon because I'm really determined. Lol. They are just kids who work hard for their dreams just like the rest of us. They might be in a different field from us but if you have it tough, they have it tough, too. Most of them are too young to get through so much hardships and the others are having their second chances. Things are getting better and I hope it continues. Let's hold on to them and support them all the way. Let's give them more love since they face more accusing and judgemental eyes as public figures. I love you guys, all One Its, Nangmandans, and of course, X1!!~ 화이팅!!
Ella Ella from Manila wrote on December 17, 2019 at 4:13 am
I just want to share how X1 became my salvation. Few months back, I was processing my student visa for Australia which was funded by my parents. Last Oct, I got the news that I my visa got rejected. It was one of the saddest times of my life because I felt like I let my parents down even though it was beyond my control. I've been a disappointment to my parents and to think that Im the eldest daughter. I thought this was the end for me. But what got me back on my feet was the thought of X1 visiting the Philippines. Because maybe I wasn't given the chance to leave the country yet because I'd get the chance to see you X1. You keep me inspired into becoming a better version of myself. X1 has the biggest part of my life and because of my love for you, I get to meet the most wonderful people❤️ our common denominator is you X1. We promised each other to be better and to be together once you visit the Philippines so we can all watch you guys. We love you so much X1! Fly high!