Dear One It,

You are not reading this message by accident.

You are called. You are chosen to be X1’s guardian.

Your voice no matter how faint it may seem, combined with a thousand voices turns into a scream.

A scream so loud that it cannot be ignored. A roar too intense that it would become a movement, an outcry of protest that would become a revolution.

Remember that this issue has begun from small voices too, brave enough to seek their justice. One It’s, it is now time to get ours.

X1 named us One It’s, because we are “the one” that is important to them, please remember that. Despite all the “other voices” that aims to break them, discourage them, tear them down. I believe with all of my heart that it is our voices X1 would choose to listen too.

Let your voice be heard by X1. Let your support reach them.

We are now accepting submissions from all Oneits. You can send your letters, articles, fanarts, videos, or any other medium you want to express your love and support to X1 to

We accept submissions in all languages. We would like to request you to also provide a translation in one of our working languages (English or Korean) for our translators if you’re sending a submission in a different language so that our translators can ensure your voices reach a wider audience.


When X1 are silenced, let your love be their voice. Let us all be their wings, until they are ready to fly.

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