One Its!

We come to you candidly to express that we are now entering Phase 2 of our fight and it is extremely important that we keep up our energy and not lose hope.

In the very early stages of post-disbandment frustrations, it is easy to ride the wave of emotions and be motivated to fight and be heard. The initial reaction is always loud and aggressive. It is easy to turn our anger and frustration into action. It’s also expected. The true test of our fandom is what comes after.

We must show the companies that we are committed and loyal to X1. We must prove our fandom’s staying power. Our voices can not become quiet and easily ignored. We are going to be tested from here on out to see if our motivation is a flash in the pan or if we are in it for the long haul. Some of the companies are surely waiting to see just how serious and steadfast we are in our demands. They cannot lay low or ignore us forever.

It is extremely important to remember that coordinating a group with members from 9 different companies is not something that can happen quickly, even under the very best circumstances. There are many steps and moving parts that need to come together in order for this to work and we must remain realistically optimistic about the time frame. Even just setting up a meeting between the 9 agencies may take time. Do not interpret a lack of immediate results as a lack of recognition. We already have proof that we are being seen and our position is being considered.

Remember this: every day that we continue to fight is one more day that X1 and our One It family lives on. We were robbed of the chance to make normal, traditional memories as a fandom and for quite a few weeks, we’ve been forced to improvise and make memories in our own way. This fight is just one more way that we will commemorate the limited time we had to be together. We must cherish these days. We may not have gotten to walk the flowery path, but instead we are getting to march side by side in the name of X1.

And so, we present to you:


Take breaks, but don’t give up!

Burnout is a thing and the fight can be exhausting. It can often feel like an impossible uphill battle and the fandom echo chamber can have an adverse effect on your mental health. Do not feel like you are backing down if you need a break! It is actually extremely important to take time to do things you enjoy and spend time with people you love in order to recharge. A positive, upbeat and enthusiastic mindset will ensure longevity in this fight!

Don’t get discouraged!

NO NEWS DOES NOT EQUAL BAD NEWS! Please be realistic in your expectations of the time it would take to coordinate the reformation of the group. Don’t force things into a negative narrative. I know some were upset to see the boys opening individual sns accounts, but it is no reason to be discouraged. It is a good sign that their companies want to get them back out in the public eye as soon as possible. It means they see them as marketable and profitable. Our job is to prove that they are MORE marketable and profitable as a rebooted group.

It is not over until it is explicitly over. Let us not give up the fight prematurely.

Every contribution is important!

Whether you are donating to organized projects, participating in hashtag events or streaming Flash, you are helping to make a difference! Never feel like anything you are doing is too small. If you can only manage to give $1 to a project, know that those $1 donations add up! If you are busy and can only manage to tweet a few times with the daily hashtag, know that your tweets can be seen and spread by thousands. Every time you stream Flash, you are getting the music video closer to the next milestone. Sharing and retweeting information about events and petitions and projects is extremely important. If you are present and active in the fandom in any way, you are a part of this fight!

In order to be successful, we must show the varied powers of our fandom. We must show that One Its are many and are able to focus on multiple things at once. This is why no contribution is too small or too useless. You should be proud of your efforts.

Thank those who help the cause.

A kind word can go an extremely long way and it is important that we show gratitude and support to those who go out of their way to aid in or promote our fight. Many fandoms have helped us or cheered us on or expressed words of encouragement. If you see this, thank them. Sincere, positive reinforcement will only gain us more allies.

In the same vein, both our fight and our boys have already received a lot of positive media attention and support. This is enormous and puts pressure on the companies publicly in ways that we can’t achieve alone. Please look out for these articles and take the time to comment and click on positive reactions. If the reporter’s contact information is provided, take a moment to send them a thank you. It is a small gesture that goes a long way. Remember those who have helped along the way. For example, it’s not too late to send a thank you message to Star Magazine who supported X1 even in the most controversial of times. We’ve learned that the boys were absolutely adored by everyone who worked with them. Let’s reflect that same energy as a fandom.

Have fun!

Remember that while this fight is difficult there is still a lot of fun to be had. Enjoy each other. Laugh over memes. Start fun mini-projects. Create art. Share stories. Live up to the Clown It name! Do not forget why we are here in the first place! We were originally united as a fandom for X1 to celebrate a group that we share a great love for. Participating in Kpop fandom is supposed to make our lives a better, happier place. I encourage you to share your favorite memories not just of X1, but with each other as well. It’s a bumpy ride, but we can still enjoy it. One thing this fandom has been incredible at is turning a bad situation into a positive one. The VLive Awards is a great example of this. Don’t ever forget that!

Remember that you are a part of history.

While the road to successfully rebooting X1 will not be easy, it is far from impossible. The industry speaks one language: money. That much has been proven time and time again. X1’s rookie debut was record breaking and we managed to compete with enormous powerhouse groups with just one mini-album in only 4 months. This simply can not be ignored and we refuse to believe that these companies do not see the potential gold mine. Still, pulling off something like this with so many members has never been done before. We are currently in completely uncharted waters. Take that as encouragement. There is no precedent which means there is no data to suggest we cannot succeed. Pulling this off would be a historical moment in Kpop and an achievement like that is worth being a part of.

Don’t be hard on yourself! You’ve been fighting for a lot longer than you may realize!

When you feel like you’ve reached your limit and you aren’t strong enough to carry on, remember this – our fight didn’t start on January 6th. We have been fighting for months now to clear X1’s name, resume their activities, get official statements and earn them the awards they so rightfully deserve. In the face of constant and unending adversity, OneIts have proven to be one of the strongest and most unwavering fandoms I’ve ever seen. We have been enduring this battle for a long time. The difference is that in the past, we often received mixed responses, vague results and empty placations. Now, for the first time, our fight is getting loud, positive support. This is progress!

Do not forget who the real enemy is.

It is important to remember that the root of this issue is and will forever be MNet and CJ ENM who did not uphold the commitment of the Produce franchise or protect our boys during the on-going investigation. Do not let them slide. While they continue to thrive and have ultimately washed their hands of the situation is a slimy, sneaky way, our fandom and our boys are being torn apart. They lied to us and offered empty, unverified statements multiple times. They allowed the companies to decide the fate of 11 eager boys in under 2 hours with no input from X1 themselves. Such an unethical meeting should never have even been able to take place. Putting pressure on and holding the companies responsible for their poor management and ridiculous choices is also important. They effectively silenced the members’ own wishes and dictated their futures. What we should not do is fight amongst each other or put blame on any of the members. Throughout all of this, they have been the victims of inexcusably unfair circumstances and no matter what we must rally around them and show support.

Lean on each other!

The One It fandom is an incredibly supportive and welcoming place. Not only are real friendships being formed, but we have experienced it first hand. Do not be afraid to reach out to a mutual or someone you’d like to get to know better! There is no way our fandom would’ve lasted this long and endured such an intense drought if it was not comprised of such an amazing group of funny, creative, warm and friendly individuals. Take comfort in each other! If you need support or a kind word or someone to vent to – reach out to one another! I believe I can speak for the entire WingsForX1 staff when I say that we strive to be a safe space for One Its and we are also available if you need someone to talk to! One Its are family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Above all, never forget what we are fighting for.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when the fight gets tough or you feel discouraged is what we are fighting for. Remind yourself exactly what is at stake here.

Han Seungwoo. Cho Seungyoun. Kim Wooseok. Kim Yohan. Lee Hangyul. Son Dongpyo. Kang Minhee. Lee Eunsang. Song Hyeongjun. Cha Junho. Nam Dohyon.

We are fighting for them because, though they tried valiantly, they can no longer fight for themselves. It is up to us. It is our responsibility. The years of training, the months of enduring Produce X 101, the weeks of living beneath the shadow of the controversy – how can we give up easily when they have suffered so much? The only way to make things right and give meaning to their sacrifices is to stand united without backing down. We need to show these boys that they can rely on us and trust us to demand what is right. We must echo the words of “I’m Here For You” back to them with our actions and show that it was not just a song, but a promise between X1 and One Its.

Our boys are worth the fight. Their happiness is worth the fight. Seeing them together on stage earning the respect and recognition they deserve is worth the fight.

Our legacy is being crafted right now. You are a part of it.

Our fandom has endured a wild ride. If we are successful in having our demands fulfilled it means that our time officially as OneIts is limited. In every viable scenario, we will eventually be known to our boys as a different name. What we do and what we achieve now is what will define our legacy. If you get tired or discouraged remember that this is our last chance to be united as an active fanbase of OneIts. This is our last push as X1’s family. When our time is over and we proudly wear a new name, we will still hold onto the memories of what we did as OneIts. One day, you will look back and remember that you were a major part of X1’s story. You were not just a passive fan. You were more than that! You were an active force that helped make a difference!

We hope that this may have provided some words that you needed to hear. We hope when you are feeling down, you can return to this article and reinvigorate yourself for the battle ahead. One Its – please hold on. Don’t give up. Be inspired and encouraged not only by each other, but by our 11 boys who continue to wait for us. They never said goodbye so we shouldn’t either.

We can not thank you enough for fighting alongside us. We continue to be moved by your passion and your perseverance every single day. We are forever and humbly grateful for all of your contributions and support. WingsForX1 has only been able to successfully take flight because of you. Let’s continue to soar to new heights for our boys. The deserve it. We, as a fandom, deserve it.

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