One It,

There was never a day that I’ve forgotten about you.

You always say that I make you happy but the truth is you’ve been crying more because of me, haven’t you?
I’m sorry if I could only protect you through my silence. But you can hear my heart through my actions, don’t you? There’s no such thing as coincidence, I hope you know that today too, I am trying my best to tell you that I am here for you, like I have promised.

I wish I could scream your name and tell the Universe how thankful I am for your existence.
I’m sorry, if this is the only way I can say I love you too, I love you more, and that I love you the most.

When the stage lights started to slowly dim and my silhouette began to slowly fade, your love shines brightly and overpowered the darkness.

When the screams and applause stopped, your combined whispers of love and hope echoed through my soul, giving me strength, allowing me to breathe.

When the powerful kept me silent, you gave me voice and stood up for my justice.

When the giants threw lies and the hypocrites spoke hate, your trust and courage revealed my truth.

When the world took away the trophies and crowns, your faith in my dreams reminded me that the greatest prize I could ever hold in my hands was you, my One It.

You made me invincible.

I am hesitant to tell you that I am afraid to become just a memory.

It scares me to think that one day I’ll wake up and realize you have already forgotten about me. I will hold your hand until the end so please do not let go of me; do not give up on me.

One It, always remember that no matter what it takes; no matter how hard it is, the love we have for each other will forever flow through the invisible red string of fate. We will always find our way back to each other. I love you with all that I am, today, tomorrow, and always.

Your X1

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