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This corner is an avenue where ONE ITs can share their stories of love, inspiration, laughter, friendship, and life changing moments with X1 to inspire fellow ONE ITs.

Tell us your stories on how you grew to love each member. Share how X1 helped you get through life or brought you joy. Even how your fellow ONE IT became part of your lives! Let the world know how these 11 boys have changed your life.

We are interested in your stories. Your journey as a One It is worth telling.

We would love to hear from you, our ONE ITs.

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Olivia Olivia from US wrote on January 26, 2020 at 11:39 pm
I've supported X1 since Produce X 101. I was so happy when Dongpyo debuted in X1. He was my wallpaper on my phone for the longest time. This group, X1, was perfect for me. They were the perfect kpop boy group for me since I normally only like girl groups. Their cute visuals, their music, their style, the large numbers of members, they just had every single aspect I wanted in a boy group. They were one of the first kpop groups I could openly say I was a fan of because I was proud to be a One It. When they disbanded, I cried so hard.. Please, WingsFoX1, please get them back together. I've been streaming Flash, I've signed petitions, I support them on Twitter every day, and I'm even thinking about donating my own money to this cause even though I'm a high school student with no personal credit card or job. X1 Fighting! WingsForX1 fighting! We need them to rebrand!
bunbunnbunny bunbunnbunny from Malaysia wrote on January 19, 2020 at 3:08 pm
哈喽 我们的X1 啊....又是一天了 你们今天过的还好吗?有好好吃饭吗 有好好睡觉吗 有好好过每一天吗 现在真的很好奇 别人或许会觉得我们怎么这么多疑问 但对我们来说这些都是我们对你们的关心 想要你们过得很好 过得开心和幸福 现在这件事的事实也许改变不了也许改变得了 但是只要我们OneIt结合在一起 我们的力量就会变得很强大 只要我们齐心协力不放弃为你们抗议 我相信一定会让我们听到我们想要听到的消息 等了很久的好消息 所以 我们的11位大男孩们 等我们 请一定要等我们 我们还在为你们应援和抗议 我们没有放弃你们 你们也千万不要放弃我们 我们OneIt一直都在这里陪着你们 希望你们可以看到 感受到我们对你们的爱与支持 我爱你们 等我们啊!
Ezreena Ezreena from Malaysia wrote on January 19, 2020 at 6:09 am
To all the X1 members,

I was with you 11 from the beginning of your journey. Amidst the controversy,One Its are fighting for you.

Hearing your disbandment shattered our hearts,but we took it as a fire to fight for the sake of our justice.

We'll wait together. We'll fight for X1 until we get you 11 members back under a new name.
Genevieve G. Genevieve G. from QC, Philippines wrote on January 16, 2020 at 10:25 am
as a long-time kpop fan, or as they "veteran" fan, since 1997, i must say that i have never been so fully engaged (including sacrificing my work time) with a kpop group for quite a while until X1 came to my life. nine of my picks in pdx101 are all in X1 and i came to love the other two. and for the first time ever, i stan all 11 equally with all my heart. each X1 member has a unique personality that i fell in love with. 11 different boys but united with 1 dream. their teamwork really inspires me that i actually once thought of becoming their manager just so i could work with them! XD

but the unexpected thing happened and here we are, still fighting for them. i am aware that we all have various ideas and different strategies on how to bring them all back together again but at the end of the day, we, One It, are all united for one big goal. i am earnestly hoping and praying that we all fight together for the justice X1 deserves, for the dreams X1 needs to continue to fulfill for 5 more years, and for X1's happiness upon the achievement of their dreams and wishes. please don't feel discouraged or dismayed, or be impatient. this battle has been a long course (since their hiatus) but we should never cease. big or small, offline or online, all of our efforts in this fight is important.

in science, a butterfly's life span isn't that long but we have this process called "evolution" where only God knows how one thing transforms to another. it's about time to re-unite all 11 members and have them perform again with their dreams in mind & heart, evolving to a stronger group that has unbreakable wings. they need to fly higher. from a butterfly, i want them to evolve to a phoenix.

never lose hope. never give up. never back down. never.
stand up. fire up. fly high. fight harder for X1!
if One Its are waiting for X1, X1 is waiting for One Its too. ❤
Syazwani Syazwani from Malaysia wrote on January 13, 2020 at 7:36 am
I have been a fans since the beginning of the series until the day x1 debut. I have been a K-pop Stan for a long time but X1 is so special to me because 11 of them are very talented and X1 is the first ever group that I buy their album with my own money eventhough I broke and I'm proud to call myself as oneit. It's been so hard this days, we knew there's lots of things happening right now... You guys must be tired of the criticism but please don't give up, oneit will try our best to fight for you. You guys mean a lots to us oneit. You did your best, it's okay we can overcome this, we will fight with you, please wait a little longer.
Lastly, we love you kim wooseok, cha junho, lee hangul, son dongpyo, kim yohan, song hyeongjun, cho seungyoun, lee eunsang, kang minhee, han seungwoo, nam dohyon

belén belén from argentina wrote on January 12, 2020 at 5:27 am
hi. i have been an oneit since the beginning and i won’t ever regret it. we laughed, cried, sang and danced together and we created many beautiful memories that i will always cherish in my heart forever. i truly think that we’re a family. even if we haven’t been together for a long time, the love that x1 has for oneit is very real and beautiful. we need to bring them back. we need to keep fighting for them. i’m sure that they will be proud of us. X1, no matter what happens, you’ll never lose us. i’m grateful for being part of such a beautiful fandom like oneit and i hope that we can create more beautiful memories together. X1, don’t worry. we will bring you back. trust us.
let’s keep flying higher, X1!
Nursyazwina Nursyazwina from Malaysia wrote on January 12, 2020 at 4:16 am
Just wanted to say that I’ve never stan a kpop group as much as I stan X1..X1 is the cure for my depression..Their songs touched my heart..I know it’s hard for us right now especially for our boys..So I say, OneIt!!Don’t stop fighting for our boys..Let’s make them Fly High and Walk on the Flower Path again..We promised them to wait and fight for them..So let us keep our promise and bring our X1 back..Stay strong and never give up!X1 need us..We need X1..Nobody can stop us..So be strong to protect our beautiful butterflies..I love you guys so much..X1 and OneIt..My family..I love you
zati zati from shah alam wrote on January 10, 2020 at 8:49 am
So im just gonna leave it hear;
So that one day, i was (u know watching kdrama), n then there were some ads(or something like that on the tv) and it was about producex101...
So yeah i watched it... and theres so many times my tears drop(or should i say i cried alot) especially when the last day of producex101... Me n my friends talk about it alot n u know my heart was touched... all the way their suffered and being scolded by their teachers some how make me feel happy... That there some one in the world notice them and care about them (i know it sounds ridiculous n nonsense, but that what i srsly felt) and when the cried n tell us their stories... I feel like i share the fate w them... (even tho im a lil bit annoyed w donghyun...and at the end i kinda like him...) n im pretty sure we were like that.. (or it just me idk) n i love them... It was crazy and it feels like love at the first side...like THEY OWN ME... and finally all the things the had been through they finally worth it... They got everything they wanted... But it not long enough... With all those vote things and everything i mesn like they should not disbanding x1 this is not theyre fault i mean they dont even know about it... and just like that, theyre lifes ruined... Their dreams crushed into thousands... Like idek what to says anymore i just wanna say... HANG IN THERE X 1 N ONE ITS... WE GOT THIS
Hayii Hayii from Philippines wrote on January 10, 2020 at 12:12 am
Being a One It was hard because of all the issues but seeing my co-one it fighting together, I also gathered up my strength and courage to not give up on X1 and now I realized that I will not give up X1 and I will not give up as one it I promise that. Because of X1 I found courage to have confidence in myself, I learned to love myself and appreciate people around me.

I don't really easily stan boy groups. I stan boy groups with pure talent and not only visuals that is why boy groups from survival shows always amazes me because it's not easy to be in a survival show. Whenever someone gets eliminates and he already becomes your close friend, it will be hard to move on from that happening. Being in a group like X1 really needs a lot of courage and strength and I salute and love them for that.

I just really wanted to say this:
bezalel fernandez bezalel fernandez from Bay wrote on January 9, 2020 at 11:24 pm
We will fight for you X1. 정말 사랑해. 그 시간 엑스원 함께 선물 같애. 힘내요 우리 엑스원. 행복하게 사세요!! 포기하지마, 절대.
JAVIERA JAVIERA from SANTIAGO wrote on January 9, 2020 at 5:52 pm
the truth after the news about the separation I began to feel that nothing made sense, but thanks to all the support it is providing one it, I feel confident that we will manage to bring them back, I just want to thank one it’s the best fandom I’ve ever been in.
sv sv from PH wrote on January 9, 2020 at 5:40 pm
Just wanted to share this:
X1 is one of the two kpop groups I consider myself a fan of. I do support other groups as well but I wouldn’t call myself as their fan because I only know a few things about them, don’t know the members’ name, and just in it for their music. But ever since I watched the commercial of pdx101, I found myself constantly supporting the show and waited for the next episode tirelessly. I hoped for every trainee to reach their dreams. I cheered and cried for them. When the winners were announce, I was so happy for the boys(X1). They finally get to walk on the flowery path the have dreamed of but all of the sudden issues have come out. Though the boys had no part in it they were still getting blamed and sooner on got disbanded. The only thing I could think of that time was “If we, oneits, were feeling so sad, hurt, and were crying our hearts out and yet we are only their fans how would they be feeling, the ones who are actually going through it(disbandment).”

Lastly, all I can say is that, I’m really proud that I’m part of this fandom. In a span of 5 months we’ve already been through a lot and yet the phrase “giving up” is still not in our vocabulary. No matter what happens I hope everyone will still support these boys even if they choose a different path. Let’s help them fly high even if they go their separate ways.
Miyu Miyu from Philippines wrote on January 9, 2020 at 11:43 am
Hi I'm Miyu . X1 is the 2nd male group I stan since 2009. The very first episode of PDX101 I watched was the final episode. Actually it was my roomate who really watch pdx101 from the start and seeing how thrilled she was while waiting for the live stream of the final episode I decided to watch it with her even tho we have an Exam to study that night. I didnt even know their names or their story but I felt something unexplainable, I got teary eyed with their speech. Then after that I watched some youtube videos about the X1 members and seriously I cried and laugh and laugh with just that short clips I felt that I already know them and boom I Already stan them with unexplainable reason but I just did. I felt that they're already special to me. All of them. And I will always support and love them.

Let's fly more higher X1!
-Kka Miyu
Manu Manu from Colombia wrote on January 6, 2020 at 8:42 pm
I've been a fan since the begining, I saw them working hard, crying, laughing, dancing, singing and fighting to achieve their dreams. They deserve a lot of love from us ONEITS, we have to remind them that this situation is NOT THEIR FAULT, they don't have to blame themselves for this, all they wanted to do was debuting. But their dreams are on the edge of a cliff.
We have to love and support them. WE'RE HERE FOR YOU X1
Alice One_It Alice One_It from France wrote on January 6, 2020 at 1:29 pm
Je n'ai pas de mot a ce moment précis, juste une grosse colère et l'envie de pleurer...
Comment peut on briser des jeunes plein de talent, comme ça, d'un claquement de doigts, et anéantir les rêves de toute une vie???
Je ne comprendrais jamais la méchanceté et la cupidité de l'homme....
C'est tellement injuste!

Les garçons, sachez que si c'est VOTRE décision, je la respecte et que si c'est celle des agences sans entendre votre voix....... Je continuerais quand même a vous soutenir, que ce soit en groupe ou en solo...
One_It sera toujours la pour vous, les promesses faites doivent être tenues!!!

Je suis tellement triste aujourd'hui....

Une One_It de France
Hyeongjun's curls Hyeongjun's curls from Kohima wrote on January 3, 2020 at 5:42 am
Getting to know x1 through the past few months from PDX101 till now has been exciting
Maybe it's cliche but whenever I feel down, hearing their songs lights something in me.... With the boys, my life has been seeing so much brighter days 😀
"I'm here for you", "like always" and "pretty girl" have a special place in my heart
AND starting off this new year knowing that the boys are coming back is one of the best feelings in the world!
I look forward to what's to come for us all. No matter what, the boys and all fellow one its are a new family I'm happy to be part of. Let's make this work!

With lots and lots of love,
a fellow one it
ERIKA ERIKA from PH wrote on January 2, 2020 at 12:21 pm
Winterwoo Winterwoo from Pekanbaru wrote on December 27, 2019 at 2:38 pm
To ONE-IT's flowers, X1

I remembered every single second I spent watching Produce X 101. It was and it is, until now, a hard journey for us, right?

I want to remind X1, if you happen to read this, you are truly loved, amazing, and beautiful. You do not deserve all the hate that you get. You might going through a battle that no one can see, and it's okay. It's okay to cry, but remember, we're always and forever here for you. We want to be your wings so that we could walk together in our flower path, five years from now. Believe in us, will get through this hard moment together.

ONE-ITs is, will, and always be your wings.


Sending lots of love and hugs,
-An Indonesian ONE IT, Rei
Jerome Jerome from Malolos wrote on December 27, 2019 at 1:55 pm
Alif Suci Miranti Alif Suci Miranti from Indonesia wrote on December 25, 2019 at 3:31 am
Hello X1, i'm a fan from Indonesia.
Its a letter where i want to tell you that i really want to see you here in my country, doing a world tour concert while imma holding a lightstick and cheering for you loudly

if you ever happen to read this, please come visit us Indonesian one its! We are so many 😊