These past few days we’ve been buried with nothing but controversies and rumors and hates from bandwagons and anti-fans, and disbandment petitions, ridicule and sarcasms, nothing but all these negativities, and without even realizing it we were imprisoned in our own world which was supposed to give us happiness, confidence, and freedom.

At the very beginning, we’ve expected things to go smooth, to be brighter, and we envisioned a successful and fruitful 2019 for X1. August 27, 2019, we’ve shed tears of joy and pride, together with the expectations we had for X1, and the 11 members. Despite feeling frustrated by the scandal, we proceeded and just focus on empowering X1 and their future activities as 11 members.

We were able to hold still and move forward, yet, everything came to a halt when bombs of investigations together with what they said as “proofs” and “witnesses” came rushing to pin us down.

One Its, we began to waver. We were taken aback. Together with our 11 boys, we were silenced and discriminated. Some of us managed to grab onto the edge and not fall into the abyss. Some were confused and petrified. Some managed to recover and fight back, however, some ended up in the darkness, feeling hopeless, downhearted, and wretched, barely hanging.

Let me tell you something, that’s for sure understandable, considering how we’ve spent efforts, money, sweats, even our mental health and emotional health are at stake, and the world is just going to out straight tell us that ALL OF THESE DOES NOT MATTER. NOT ONE BIT?! Why? Because X1 is under investigation? Because they are “rigged”?! Because they wanted X1 to disband?!


X1 was deprived of what they supposedly deserved. Our 11 boys, like any other group there is, did their very best, offered blood, sweat, and tears just so they can realized their dreams, and repay their fans.

Sacrificed for the sake of reaching their goals, for flying high just like what they’ve promised, yet these antagonists have the audacity to chop off their wings with their hypocrite minds and shallow reasoning.

Their narrow-mindedness, and cowardly actions made us suffer! They made our 11 boys agonize over the consequences that aren’t supposed to be shouldered by these young and innocent members. The hate and punishment, which supposedly SHOULD be directed to the “real instigator” and to those adults who initiated the whole mess, are now being dumped at the wrong people! Many called X1 rigged and blamed them for the mess that even them has no knowledge about, not until they were ambushed and called-out for it, which is obviously and undoubtedly WRONG!

They wanted to push their twisted opinion because they refused to see the truth, and chose to turn blind and deaf over our fandom’s protest and plea. They have no means of helping us out or hearing our voices. They made that choice the very moment they decided to boycott X1 and the 11 members, leaving them under the rocks! Invalidating their efforts and passion! Stepping on their dreams like a piece of trash! Leaving them helpless!

It’s US, One Its with the X1 members, Han Seungwoo, Cho Seungyoun, Kim Wooseok, Kim Yohan, Lee Hangyul, Cha Junho, Son Dongpyo, Kang Minhee, Lee Eunsang, Song Hyeongjun, Nam Dohyon AGAINST THE WORLD.


It’s all on US, and OUR POWER AS ONE.

It’s all going to be about X1 and ONE ITS from now on.

Those people made their choice, WE SHOULD ALSO MAKE OURS!

Whether we stand divided against all odds, or join forces to create the greatest shield and the most powerful sword there is to defend and protect our boys. It’s all up to us now! Are you willing to just sit there and succumb to your uncontrollable rage, while our boys are getting ridiculed and stepped on?! Or are you strong enough to stand tall and bring out your voice so we can all create a huge wave as one?! ONE ITS, we promised our 11 boys that we will protect them, no matter what.

Remember what our leader, Han Seungwoo, asked us during the ShowCon?

“Everyone will be our wings, right?”


How about you? WILL YOU?

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