It’s been exactly four months since you’ve stood on Gocheok Skydome. Four months since the venue was sold out by the ONE ITs who were proud to see the hard work you’ve made finally paying off. Four months since we’ve seen your eager smile from performing on the stage you’ve always dreamt of. Four months since you’ve started the name X1.

In those four months, there was never a day our love disappeared nor wavered. Despite the issues that surrounded our fandom, we were always there for X1. Some of us may have faltered, but most of us were stronger. We fought and we battled those who wanted to hurt you. And we succeeded, we became more united as a fandom. No. We became united like a family.

In those four months, even if the time you spent with us directly was short, every moment was a memorable one. A memory that will and forever will be in ONE ITs hearts. From your performances, to your music show wins, to your show guestings, to all the achievements you have garnered in a span of months, ONE ITs couldn’t have been more proud of all the things you’ve done these past months.

And even now, when we cannot see you too much, we are still here with you, remaining by your side as your ONE ITs. We miss you a lot. We want to see you more. But we will wait. We will wait and continue to support you because we love our X1 boys. We will wait until you can stand again on the stage you love. We will wait until you say “Thank you for waiting, ONE ITs.”

While these four months may have been a rollercoaster ride, it was a fun ride because we were there for each other. Even though we aren’t physically together, X1 and ONE ITs’ love for each other is always present.

Han Seungwoo, Cho Seungyoun, Kim Wooseok, Kim Yohan, Lee Hangyul, Cha Junho, Son Dongpyo, Kang Minhee, Lee Eunsang, Song Hyeongjun, and Nam Dohyon. You will always be our X1. We will forever be your ONE ITs. Happy 4 months to our wonderful shining stars!

We will wait until you soar higher than the skies. We love you X1!

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