Loving X1 with all your heart – this is something you will only come to understand when it happens to you. Others can see this merely as a petty obsession, but they will never understand the feeling of putting so much faith into these eleven boys from the other side of the world, with oceans and masses of land in between.

It is difficult to explain to them. The feeling and the sense of joy and satisfaction whenever we listen to their songs on repeat, the heart fluttering moments when we finally get to see these eleven boys on stage, the excitement of waiting for news about their comeback, and the pain we feel upon knowing that they are going through a hard time as well. Others who are not fans, will not understand how this one group could mean so much to each and every one of us.



ONE IT, these past few months have not been easy. Oftentimes, we feel a mixture of hope, anxiety, misery, and joy while we wait for news about our beloved boys. There were baseless rumors constantly spreading, and countless resentment towards X1 that we had to counter on a daily basis. Yet, all these attempts were just a good excuse for some people to use it against us to break us apart and prevent us from reaching our main goal.

Our main goal as ONE ITs is to protect X1.

Even when it feels like the dark days are passing now, we should not stop there. Our battles will never end and this is why we must be reminded of our most important purpose.

Our artists are human too. Even though X1 has every right to put themselves first, the truth is, no one is going to protect them in the long run but us. Their ONE ITs.

These past few months have been tough, right? Let this be a reminder of why you are here in the first place: X1 is your reason to fight.

Can you even imagine a life without them? Despite the hardships and the bumpy roads along the way, at the end of the day, we still run to them and seek comfort in their presence no matter what situation arises, good or bad.

X1 is not just a normal idol group in our lives, but these 11 boys are our soulmates. Let us not make the mistake of losing them by not fighting for them. They are worth fighting for, and this is why we must protect them at all costs.

ONE ITs, this is a reminder to all of us that X1’s existence and presence in our lives is an everyday call for us to protect their happiness together.

Let us unite as one fandom to protect these 11 precious boys because even though we are strong individually with our purpose, we are stronger when we are together in holding up our mission to protect them.

The idea of uniting to protect X1 goes beyond protecting a group of boys. It is about protecting their hard work, their happiness, their dreams, and their future. Staying strong together as ONE ITs unites us, and gives us security. It provides us the much needed support, and it encourages us to fight harder for X1. Because these 11 boys are always worth fighting for.

Don’t let rumors sweep us away from what we truly love and believe. There will always be days when we feel like giving up, and days where we feel alone and seem like everyone is turning their backs on X1. Sometimes, there will also be days where we feel like we love them, but deep inside our fearful hearts we are questioning whether we should leave the fandom or choose to continue and support the boys.

But no matter the doubts and the turbulences in our fear stricken hearts, we will always choose to continue to stay and fight for our boys. Why? It is because our love for X1 is stronger than any hardships we have faced.

Tears will be shed, a lot will be lost along the way, but always remember that in this war we continuously face, we are always in this TOGETHER.

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